Poster Session

The Tokyo Lectures in Language Evolution will include a poster session to allow participants to present their own research. The poster session will be held in conjunction with one of the scheduled social events where refreshments will be provided.

Given the multidisciplinary nature of the event, submissions describing original work in any discipline related to Language Evolution will be considered. A non-exclusive list includes at least the following research areas:

  • animal cognition
  • animal communication
  • anthropology (linguistic, social, cultural)
  • cognitive science
  • cognitive semiotics
  • computational modelling
  • general evolutionary theory
  • genetics of language
  • gesture studies
  • linguistics
  • neuroscience of language
  • paleoanthropology
  • philosophy of biology
  • philosophy of language
  • Pleistocene archaeology
  • primatology
  • psychology (evolutionary, comparative, developmental)
  • speech physiology

Submissions describing on-going projects and preliminary results are welcomed, but in the case of purely theoretical work sources of supporting evidence must be made clear.

If you wish to present a poster please submit the proposed title, a 200 word abstract, and list of authors by email to before the 4th of March 11th of March (extended) 2015. The abstract should be written in English and be submitted as plain text in the body of the email. All abstracts will be subject to peer review, but we will aim to send result notifications within a week of abstract submission. Please note, accepted abstracts will be published as submitted both in the event program and on the event website.

Participants may submit a maximum of one poster abstract as first author. There are however no restrictions on the number of posters which can be submitted as co-author. In the event that a poster is accepted for presentation, at least one of the authors, ideally the first author, is expected to attend the poster session in person to present their work.

Two prizes of 10,000JPY will be awarded at the conclusion of the event for the best poster and first runner up as judged by the organising committee. No special application is required to be eligible for these awards.

Space sufficient to hang an A0 (1189 x 841 mm, approx. 33.11 × 46.81 inch) size poster vertically will be allocated to each poster. A method of fixing posters to poster boards will also be made available.

Any questions concerning the poster session should be directed to

Key Points

Submission Deadline: 4th March 11th of March 2015 (extended)
Result Notification: Within one week of submission
Submission Address:
Submission Format: Title + 200 word abstract in English